Construction of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) creche on Vleiplaas is at an advanced stage. The creche superstructure, funded by donations made to RAD, is nearly complete – and every brick has been laid by members of the local community.

Rocklands is home to several hundred people. There is a local primary school (Elizabeth-fontein) but there are no ECD facilities. This means that by the time most of the Rocklands children walk into the classroom they’ve never held a pencil or cut with a pair of scissors. This reality puts strain on the school’s Foundation Phase teachers.

Several years ago, the owners of De Pakhuys farm identified a piece of land for community development with a view to constructing a multi-purpose hall. After its formation in 2016, RAD identified the community hall and creche as a priority projects and threw its weight behind efforts to find money for construction. By the beginning of 2020, enough money had been raised to draft plans for both structures and to secure municipal approval for both facilities. With the money left over, it was decided to get the creche project underway by focussing on the superstructure – knowing that we would need further assistance to complete the project but not wanting to lose momentum.

Construction started in August. Foundations, floors, exterior walls and roofing supports are complete. So far the project has created 64 work day opportunities for unemployed residents of the valley. We are about to run out of funds for the final building materials, and then for all the necessities for decorating and equipping the space. So, to finish the project, we need your help.

Accommodation raffle: help us finish the creche!
De Pakhuys Guest Farm, Alpha Excelsior Guest Farm and The Storytellers have each donated a three-night stay. Also up for grabs are a box of wine and one of olives&olive oil from Alpha Excelsior and a goodie hamper from Storytellers Fynbos Apothecary, bringing total prize value to about R9500.

To enter, please EFT your donation and send the Proof of Payment (POP) with your name and contact details to the Rocklands Association for Development. Tickets are R200 per entry.

Entries close at midnight on 9 October with the lucky draw itself taking place at noon on 10 October. The prize can be claimed any time in the next two years (subject to availability). You are welcome to enter as many times as you like! Non-financial donations of materials for the creche will be welcomed and highly appreciated but cannot be entered into the lucky draw. Winners will be announced on social media and via email.

EFT details: Rocklands Association for Development
First National Bank, Branch code: 200206 (Clanwilliam), Acc number: 627 773 71396. Email POP, your name and contact details to: