Rocklands Association for Development:

Enabling positive impact tourism

Thank you for your contribution!

RAD is wholly dependent on the generosity of patrons to keep the good work going. Your money will go to:

  • Operational expenses for the creche (teacher salaries, food for children, stationery and other consumables)

  • Creating and maintaining a community vegetable garden and planting some large trees for the creche


Once these essentials are stably provided for, your money will go toward:

  • Saving for the Rocklands community hall and related equipment
  • Purchasing a vehicle and paying a driver for community transport (subsidised by a shuttle service during climbing season). This is a massive latent need as no public transport exists in Rocklands
  • Contributing towards the Rocklands sustainable waste management project
  • Putting composting toilets in place at outlying boulder areas
  • Paying for people to assist in better and more far reaching clean-up projects
  • Developing better and more informative signage
  • Creating a fund from which community members can apply for personal business development assistance
  • And ultimately, retaining the services of a part-time administrator for RAD, tasked with facilitating youth outreach initiatives, doing RAD admin, as well as marketing for future self sustainability


It all happens one step at a time.