Rocklands Association for Development:

Enabling positive impact tourism

Rocklands climbing ethics

We all love this land. Caring for it is our collective responsibility.

1. Never cut trees or plants without permission  and identification.
2. Stick to the paths – this helps prevent erosion.
3. Be mindful of vegetation. Pick up your crashpad: don’t drag it.
4. Never stash pads on the land.
5. Do not disturb or feed any wildlife.
6. No fires.

1. Never climb on or near rock art.
2. Do not touch the art – it is water sensitive.
3. The floorspace under rock art may contain artefacts – be mindful.

1. Remove all trash – in fact, carry out more than you brought in!
2. Brush excess chalk from holds, and remove any chalk graffiti.
3. Bush toilet guidelines:
Find a space far away from the boulders (not where others have been).
Dig a hole and bury your waste.
Carry any toilet paper and sanitaryware out with you.

Remember that all activities in Rocklands are undertaken ENTIRELY at your own risk, and you must have a permit to climb.

We are inspired by the global charter of climbing ethics, and particularly its note on climbing within the natural environment:

“We have a personal endless responsibility to pay attention to where footpaths tread; where waste is recycled; where faeces are disposed of; what transport we use; where we park; whether access is regulated and, last but not least, to the needs of other flora, fauna and all future generations. We strive for climbing areas where the relationship between outdoor activities and nature conservation is mutually beneficial, not a one-way journey where nature gets exploited in the name of conquest or even human pleasure seeking. Climbing must develop our ecological consciousness.”