Rocklands Association for Development:

Enabling positive impact tourism

RAD (The Rocklands Association for Development) is a registered non-profit organisation (NPO 203-993) and is wholly dependent on fund-raising events and donations. With this money, we have purchased materials and paid local community members to build a creche, and we pay the salaries of two full-time teachers (trained from the community), not to mention providing food for the children. Our members regularly perform clean-ups in the wild and also provide materials, marketing and logistical support for several local businesses. We also facilitate any youth outreach projects that happen to come Rocklands’ way. 

All this requires ongoing funding, not to mention the help of willing volunteers.

If you are keep to help, please email us. Donations and pledges are sorely needed, and may be made via the PayFast link below. The amount you are donating is in South African Rand (ZAR) which is approximately R18 to 1 US Dollar.